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This page contains information about the REST APIs used in integration with Futur. Click on an API in the list below, to see detailed information regarding the methods included.

For information about other techniques used by Futur, click here for SSEK and here for SFTP.

Click on an item in the menu below to navigate to the required information:

API keys

To use our API's you will require an account with related credentials. We use different accounts for the separate environments. This means that you will need to utilize different credentials depending on what environment you are communicating with.

You can acquire credentials for communicting with the MOCK development environment by registering in the portal and using those credentials for communication.

For communication with our TEST and PRODUCTION environments, please contact us and we will be able to set up an account for you.


We provide three separate API-gateways for your convenience when developing on Futurs APIs.

Development gateway

The Development gateway provides a full set of API's but only responds with MOCK data in the correct expected format. There is no business logic behind these API's why you will not be able to expect any services to be fulfilled.

Base URL for the Mock enviroment is :

Test gateway

Futur offers a test enviroment, a replica of the production enviroment but only for test data.

Base URL for the test environment is :

Production gateway

The production environment gives you access to production data and services and is intended for use only in production use cases.

Base URL for the production environment is:

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